Why EXASOL fits perfectly into the EINS Analytics philosophy

They claim to do one thing and do it extremely well and we agree. You can try it out for free, pay as you grow and in case it will not be the optimal tool for your business, you can easily move on without a long trail of sunk cost. We believe however that it is more likely that you will see EXASOL as a new friend, a friend you want to hang on to.

Many vendors claim they have the fastest database in the world which could be true under certain specific circumstances. You should however only care about how it performs on your data. We would like to challenge you; if you decide to do a POC with us and EXASOL is not turning out to be the best performing platform on your own data, we will not charge a dime.

When evaluating platforms there are usually important aspects not considered. The reason is that they are hard to measure. We would still like to highlight them:

– EXASOL offers first class support and the reason we can make this claim is that it is exactly what we hear from Exasol customers.

– EXASOL just works. The cost associated to things not working depends very much on the situation but it can potentially be very costly.

– EXASOL is a tuning free database requiring very little DBA attention.

The most convincing arguments for Exasol are however the customer testimonials. Take the time to hear their stories, they seem to mean what they say:

Partner and customer testimonials


More information on the EXASOL hompage.

I hope you will find this interesting! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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