EINS´s team members loves a challenge and are passionate about finding the right solution

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We’re always happy to share our experience, both within the team and with our clients

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We set our sights high. We believe that teamwork, dialogue and mutual understanding are key factors when delivering the solutions for our customers.

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What we do

We offer consulting services in Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Experience, Analytics and Change and Transformation. Our consultants are specialists with extensive experience in each of our areas of expertise.


We offer expertise in SAP ERP with an emphasis on finance and logistics processes.
Often we are engaged as experts in large companies and in our offer for Business ByDesign, we help small and medium-sized businesses with ERP in the cloud.

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We offer expertise in CRM
We offer expertise in CRM.
The Customer Experience team offers expertise in CRM. We streamline our clients CRM processes with the help of digital solutions. We assist our clients from strategy to technical delivery.

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Our offer covers the entier spectrum from data to understanding
We act as a strategic sounding board regarding your BI solution and support you technically concerning, among other things, architecture, ETL and data storage. What can we do for you?

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Good project control comprises operations development, project management and change management
EINS helps organisations to make the project business as efficient as possible so that the results and impact of the projects will be as beneficial as possible for the organisation.

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At EINS, we are very grateful that our employees should feel that there is time for development and challenge. Whether you’ve been working for three years or thirty years, we want to stimulate your curiosity to learn something new. We want our employees to train themselves, learn new things and gain new experiences.
We put the employees in focus

By this, we mean that if our employees thrive and develop, they will deliver great results for our customers.We, therefore, do our utmost to work on individual development plans and we attach great importance to assignment matching. It is a matter of finding a match of the employee’s competence their direction of development and the customer’s requirements and wishes. Here we are careful.
It enables us to deliver high-quality consulting services.

This enables us to deliver high quality consulting services.

This means that we have employees that thrive.

We have satisfied customers.

Career Opportunities Enterprise Resource Planning

Do you want to work with a state-of-the-art cloud-based ERP solution??

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Career Opportunities Customer Experience

We have a strong demand from our customers for CRM and Salesforce consultants.

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Career Opportunities Analytics

If you want to work with talented BI colleagues where the sharing of experience is fundamental, then we believe that you as a person will thrive?

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Career Opportunities Change & Transformation

For us, project control comprises operations development, project management and change management. We are currently looking for more project controllers!

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About EINS

Our consultants are either specialists in Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Experience, Analytics or within Change and TransformationWe offer consulting services in these areas and our consultants have extensive experience.

Within ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), we offer services such as configuration, requirements management, consulting, quality assurance, upgrade, and administration. We have expertise in most of SAP’s solutions.

The CX (Customer Experience) team offers expertise in CRM. We streamline our clients CRM processes with the help of digital solutions. We assist our clients from strategy to technical delivery.

Within Analytics, our offer extends all the way from data to insight. We act as a strategic sounding board regarding your BI solution and support you technically concerning, among other things, architecture, ETL and data storage.

In C&T (Change & Transformation), we offer both operational and support services. Project managers, program managers, change managers, PMO-coaches, method developers and client support are examples of roles that we have with our customers today. Please look further under C&T “WHAT WE DO” for more information about our services, or contact us – we will gladly respond to your questions!


EINS aims to be the obvious choice. Our goal is to win and keep the full confidence of the market, and to be seen by our clients as the leading facilitator of success.


Committed specialists – we’re passionate about what we do.


With an ambitious but flexible mindset, we deliver quality whatever the circumstances.


We act with honesty, courage, integrity and humility.


Each year, the employees at EINS choose an organisation that we are with and support for one year..



We connect newly-arrived immigrants with Swedish companies. Our digital platform enables companies to post simple tasks and services and match them with newcomers looking for work.



Äldrekontakt is a nonprofit organization that uses volunteers to create new venues to give the eldery the opportunity for social interaction. Togehter with us you can make a lasting difference in their lives of elderly people alone.



Each year more than 2,500 international staff join 30,000 locally hired staff to provide medical aid in countries around the world. MSF guarantees staff a dynamic and intense work environment alongside people who believe in helping those in need. MSF recruits medical and non-medical staff to work in its projects. All of these people bring professional abilities, practical experience, as well as a commitment to and concern for the people they help.



Friends is an non-profit organization, dedicated to the prevention of bullying. We educate and support schools, pre-schools and sports clubs throughout Sweden. Our vision is to see young children and adolescents grow up in a safe and secure society where all are treated equally.



To manage and minimize climate impact s importent, but not always easy to implemnt. We have ven working with climate issues since 2006 and has helped hundreds of companies in varios industries to manage their climate impact. We help you to minimize your carbon footprint bu establisched tools and climate services.

Hand in hand


Look at poverty differently and you’ll see grassroots entrepreneurs, full of energy and ideas. We help turn their skills and potential into jobs. They find a way up and out of poverty. Hand in Hand International is a member of the Hand in Hand Network, a global group of NGOs that has worked in 14 countries and counting. Our goal is to create 10 million jobs in some of the world’s poorest communities.



It’s important for me to be able to stand and feel a pride in what I do. By being part of the EINS I am surrounded by amazing professionals, but above all they are humble and respectful colleagues. The spirit of the company is guided by a commitment, not only for their own development but also for the company’s. I enjoy it here, surrounded by humble excellence, in a company whose values go hand in hand with my own. .



As a consultant, there are very busy periods but in EINS, we place great emphasis on finding a balance between work and leisure time. To be able to do things outside of work that gives enjoyment and energy means that we can keep ourselves healthy, feel great and thus perform well when we are at work. .



In my opinion, the company you work for – even if it’s just a job – somehow becomes part of your identity, and so you want it to be a good fit for you. If you feel like you’re part of a professional, dynamic team that’s going places, supported by a great corporate culture, then I think many people will fit right in. I believe EINS has got it right.


Marek Smerak
Andreas Karlsson
Nicklas Petersson
Cilla Frost
Sebastia Tarrodi

Contact us

Milco Österholm

Milco Österholm


mobile : +46 732 323 980

e-mail : milco.osterholm@eins.se

Cilla Frost

Internal Coordinator

mobile : +46 708 649 060

e-mail : cilla.frost@eins.se


Johan Krouthén

Sales Manager

mobile : +46 707 184 733

e-mail : johan.krouthen@eins.se


Lars Gillberg

Change & Transformation

mobile : +46 704 804 999

e-mail : lars.gillberg@eins.se

Richard Dearn


mobile : +46 703 603603

e-mail : richard.dearn@eins.se

Martin Stillnerus


mobile : +46 732 323986

e-mail : martin.stillnerus@eins.se

Jerker Sundlöf

Customer Experience

mobile : +46 732 323982

e-mail: jerker.sundlof@eins.se

Magnus Nyberg

Enterprise Resource Planning

mobile : +46 727 260366

e-mail : magnus.nyberg@eins.se



World Trade Center

Klarabergsviadukten 70

111 64 Stockholm

T: +46 8 519 31010

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